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Our History

In the far days of the first ascent of Mount K2 my grandmother Armida already had a small tavern with no name. Here miners and people from the town used to come and eat delicious snacks in the shade of the chestnuts. They ate bread with anchovies, with prociutto and cheese, but also tripe, liver or pici with ragù. Going up the hill was tough!! People would get to the small tavern feeling tired. While askting for a glass of good wine, they would say: “Armida, getting here is like climbing Mount K2, same effort and same pleasure!”...From then on the tavern became “K2”. Since 1985 the hotel has replaced the tavern, but everything else has remained the same: the original flavours in the kitchen, the woods of chestnut trees, the name, our family and of course the steep hill!!

Sonia Pallai